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Gallery Folders

Music and Chill by KiOWA213
Four good friends. by Vector-Brony
Bubbly love by HalfDeathShadow
Rainbow Power Sunset Shimmer by Zekrom-9
[AU] Twilight Sparkle by LimeDazzle
Twilight Vector #2 (without cutiemark) by dastachov
Twilight vector #1 by dastachov
But I Didn't Listen - Twilight Sparkle by TomFraggle
But I Didn't Listen - Rarity by TomFraggle
Podium - Rarity by TomFraggle
Vector Rarity by DeyrasD
Overly Pompous by AtomicMillennial
Flutterbat vector by dastachov
But I Didn't Listen - Fluttershy by TomFraggle
Podium - Fluttershy by TomFraggle
Vector Fluttershy by DeyrasD
Rainbow Dash
The darkest side of me (remastered) by Porygon2z
Rainbow Dash. Lunar. Alternative reality. 5 season by dastachov
But I Didn't Listen - Rainbow Dash by TomFraggle
Podium - Rainbow Dash by TomFraggle
Pinkie Pie
Bikini Pie by Porygon2z
Pinkie Pie and Mr Hat by Porygon2z
But I Didn't Listen - Pinkie Pie by TomFraggle
Second Vector Pinkie Pie by DeyrasD
But I Didn't Listen - Applejack by TomFraggle
Applejack Flour Shower by hotsun6392
Podium - Applejack (Redo - No Mug) by TomFraggle
Vector Applejack by DeyrasD
Spike has fallen by Porygon2z
Spikes big feet by Porygon2z
One thing Spike does in private by Porygon2z
Spike Vector by 19crowbar19
Mane 6 and Spike
Rainbow Dash, were you spying on me? by Porygon2z
Everypony adores baby Gummy by Porygon2z
You the man, Spike by Porygon2z
Teenage Mane Six by Magister39
Cutie Mark Crusaders
Vector Sweetie Belle by DeyrasD
Vector Apple Bloom by DeyrasD
Vector Scootaloo by DeyrasD
Sweetie Belle and i are like sisters by Porygon2z
AU - I became a Legend by Magister39
What Are You Lookin' At? by Vectorpone
Discord - I am s-s-s-s... by Osipush
Cadance - Sad by j5a4
[Request] Flurry Heart as Mercy by LimeDazzle
Derpy Hooves
Bubblebutt (with speedvector) by StarlessNight22
Minor Character
Gilda Doing A Fist Bump by TomFraggle
Background Character
Cutie pony by sofunnyguy
Creatures and Pets
I'm so happy to see my feathered friend by Porygon2z
Canon Group
Rumble and Thunderlane by pink1ejack
Commission: ConorXPetunia (Midnight Glimmer) by missgoldendragon
Original Character
Justis by dastachov
Wonder Colt College by Drewmwhit
Canon Cutie Marks
Ms. Chickadee Peachbottom CM by Jeatz-Axl
Objects and Stuff
AU - Tyrant of the Sun by Magister39
If you're a turtle, why don't you have a shell? by Porygon2z
Rule 34 NSFW Gore Etc.

Mature Content

Bank Heist by ScarletLightning565
The Random Story 1/1 by dastachov
Sneezeling by MisterAibo
Ask Flash Sentry [#3] by PaulySentry
Equestria Girls Anthro Humanized
Mlp EqG 4 Sci-Twi (Noo...) vector by luckreza8
The Pet Six wallpaper by Porygon2z
Front Female Pony Base by Jeatz-Axl
Canon With Backgrounds
AU - Wicked Mare of Sun by Magister39
Tutorial: Unicorn's magic aura by Osipush
OC with FiM
Protecting Her -- Commission by PaulySentry
OC Group
Lovely Sight by DroidekaVl
OC Cutie Marks
The Atomic Millennial by AtomicMillennial
OC with Background
Shidrox [Christmas Gift #6] by xHalesx
Fillies And Colts
Diamond Trump by Jeatz-Axl
Edit: Still looking (5/9/16)

Hello everyone, you may formerly know me as Overmare, which of whom originally created this group and used to be fairly active in the community. Anyways, I'd like to give a big thanks to TheShadowStone for keeping this place running smoothing during my absence.

In light of my arrival, I'm trying to spruce up the place and breathe some new life into it. As such, I'm looking for 3 new contributors to add to the group.

If you're interested, please send me a note with the following;

1. How often do you create vectors?
2. Have you had any experience managing groups before?
3. How often can you vote on submissions/organize?

Thank you

~ TaigaLife
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Group Info

Welcome to #FiM-Vectors! We welcome you with open hooves and encourage you to join the group! Whether you make vectors yourself, or just like to see them, everyone is welcome!

Before submitting, please note:

● The resolution of the vector should be at least 3000 pixels on one side.
● Submit to the correct folder.
● Anything not fully transparent around it is considered to have a background.
● "Canon" is defined here as having appeared on the television show. "OC" is used here as a synonym for "non-canon".

Mature Art

Rule 34 art is accepted, and has its corresponding folder, but grimdark/grotesque images are not accepted. If you're unsure if an image belongs to the Rule 34 folder, place it there anyway.


Featured – This folder is off-limits to members. If we like a piece of work, it will be placed here.
Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy, Spike, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadance, Derpy Hooves – background-less vectors of respective characters.
Cutie Mark Crusaders – background-less vectors comprising only CMC members.
Mane Six and Spike, Princesses – background-less groups with some (more than one) or all of either the "mane seven" (mane six + Spike) or the princesses (including Princess Twilight).
Minor Characters – solo images of canon characters who have interacted with the main cast at least once.
Background Characters – solo images of canon characters not belonging to Minor Character.
Original Characters – solo images of OCs.
Creatures and Pets – pets ponies keep and other non-pony animals (such as Winona and the cockatrice).
Canon with Background, OC with Background – groups of either canon or OC characters with a background.
Canon Group, OC Group – groups of either canon or OC characters without a background.
Canon with OC – groups comprising both canon and OC characters (may or may not have a background).
Antagonists – solo canon characters who have at some point been against the main cast.
Canon Cutie Marks, OC Cutie Marks – standalone cutie marks.
Background, Objects and Stuff – backdrops and items which characters interact with.
Bases, Tutorials, Comics, Wallpapers, Animations, Tumblr – templates, "how-to" images on vectoring, custom comics, wallpapers, moving pictures and Tumblr questions/answers respectively.
Equestria GirlsEquestria Girls-related vectors.
Rule 34 – mature art (as explained above).
Other – anything not belonging to any of the above folders.

Group Info

FiM Vectors is a group dedicated to showing off many of the awesome vectors that Bronies make!
Founded 4 Years ago
Apr 23, 2013

North America

Group Focus
Art Collection

559 Members
623 Watchers
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might i ask why a vectors resolutions are required to be at 3000 pixels? :-? (Confused) 
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Porygon2z Featured By Owner May 27, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
what folder do i put crossover vectors in? :-? (Confused) 
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Do You allow crossover wallpapers in your gallery ?
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FrostyFreeze321 Featured By Owner May 7, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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I'm actually looking to commission or art trade with someone for some vectors, please let me know if you might be interested! Thanks! :)
MeganLovesAngryBirds Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2015  Student Filmographer
I hope this is not a silly question but do ponified Dazzlings go in the "Antagonists" folder?
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